[lug] mac clients for a samba server?

Malcolm Carlson mcc2001 at qwest.net
Mon Jan 6 01:30:26 MST 1997

I have been searching for more info on how to do this but haven't really found anything.  I have a network of 3 windows machines on one subnet, 1 windows machine and 1 mac with 1 more mac coming on another subnet.  I'm currently running Win2000 Server to handle file sharing for all clients in both subnets.  I want to move the server to Linux running as a file server, proxy server, for both subnets.  Is there a way to allow a mac to have access to a windows share on a samba server?  I want the linux server to act as a router as well to segment the network.  It will have 2 nics with an ip address for both subnets.  Does this make sense?
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