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Kirk Rafferty kirk at fpcc.net
Mon Sep 20 09:10:50 MDT 1999

We (Fairplay Communications) do just what you're after.  We host domain
names free with purchase of an account, and setting up your virtual
domains would entail only a reasonable one-time setup fee.  Contact me
with details on the number of virtual domains and I can quote you a setup

And of course, we use Linux! :-)

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On Sun, 19 Sep 1999, Andrew Reberry wrote:

> Hey all.  I got a question which really doesn't relate to linux, but I
> thought some people around here might be able to help me out.   Sorry this
> is not a linux specific related question.
> My situation...
> I am currently planning on buying my own domain name, and have been looking
> for a good web hosting service.  There is a problem though, the only
> services which do what I need want much more money than its worth.
> I am looking for a host which will allow me to mainly do one thing.  I want
> to have more than www.mydomain.com.  I am planning on having many virtual
> domains, such as home.mydomain.com, projects.mydomain.com and so on.
> Potentially somewhere around 5 - 20 different virtual domains.
> For each of these virtual domains I will be needing 1 separate email account
> such as home at mydomain.com and projects at mydomain.com.
> The problem...
> I don't plan on ever needing more then 5 megs of webspace for all of these
> virtual domains combined.  I also don't plan on getting anywhere even close
> to 1000 hits per year on all the virtual domains combined.  As a matter of
> fact, most of the virtual domains will simply re-direct people to other
> parts of the Internet.
> My presence would be extremely small for the web host, but I can't find any
> service which will allow me to do this cheaply.  It shouldn't take any of
> the web hosts resources at all, and therefore shouldn't cost tons of $$$.
> I am asking on this email list because I realize there are a few people
> around here which might be able to help me out.  If you think you may be
> able to help me out, please email me and we can talk about the specifics.
> Or, if you know of a web hosting service which will do what I'm looking for
> cheaply, (i.e. tons of virtual domains, barely any webspace, barely any
> traffic) please let me know.
> Andrew Reberry
> andrew.reberry at colorado.edu
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