[lug] KRUD Question

Kevin Fenzi kevin at scrye.com
Wed Sep 22 09:30:04 MDT 1999

>>>>> "Justin" == Justin  <glowecon at netscape.net> writes:

Justin> Hello everyone...I was checking out the KRUD distro and I was
Justin> wondering w= hat kernel version it comes with. I am installing
Justin> on a new harddrive w/ my ol= d Redhat 6.0 disks and I can't
Justin> for the life of me get 2.2.12 to compile. I = don't know if
Justin> it's hardware or what but it's getting really annoying. Now I
Justin> can= 't even do a re-installation, it fails before the process
Justin> is even finished.  Anyhow, I am trying to find a distro that
Justin> has a newer kernel in the stand= ard install. I noticed KRUD
Justin> has a lot of the errata updates and things so I w= ill
Justin> probably try that out. Can anyone inform me of what kernel it
Justin> has? =

It has redhat's kernel-2.2.5-22 kernel on it. This was an errata
upgrade from the orig kernel that shipped with redhat 6.0. 

It also has the source on it for 2.0.38, 2.2.12, and 2.3.16. 

If you want a dist with a newer kernel than that, the redhat 6.1 beta
(lorax) ships with 2.2.12. 

Justin> P.S.-if the kernel version is on the website, sorry, I missed
Justin> it.
Justin>                  Justin

Kevin Fenzi
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