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Ferdinand P. Schmid fschmid at archenergy.com
Wed Sep 22 10:01:05 MDT 1999

I recently installed Redhat 6.0 and found the easy drive mounting
features for floppies, CD-ROMs and other removable media drives
especially nice.  However there is one quirk that I can't figure out:

Any user can mount a floppy drive or a LS-120 drive but only root can
write to those drives.  Everybody can read from them.  The same thing is
true for mounted dos partitions.  I am sure that this problem is simply
a configuration error in my setup but I couldn't find my problem.
Is it a setting that needs to get changed in my fstab file?

Another interesting observation:
My drive table seemed to be messed up for a while - fdisk would list
drive partitions that I simply couldn't mount.  So last night I deleted
my swap partition, which was one of the unmountable partitions (hda7).
I then re-created the swap partition and it showed up as hda7 again.
After a restart the result was that my second DOS partition (hda5) was
gone!  Somewhat shocked I checked and found that my drive now had
roughly 2 GB of free space.  I created a fat16 partition using this free
space for use as my second dos partition again.  Now my DOS partition
showed up as hda5 and my swap partition showed up as hda6.
Here is the odd part:
Suddenly my partition table seemed fixed, I could mount the swap
partition and my dos partition came back with all its data!
So this problem is fixed - with a lot of luck on my side.

Now I only need to figure out the above write permission problem.

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