[lug] NOAA FSL buys a beowulf

Alan Robertson alanr at bell-labs.com
Wed Sep 22 12:35:54 MDT 1999

Eric Kihn wrote:
> Who in NGDC is getting this beast?  The STP division is looking at
> replacing our SPARC centers for satellite data processing with
> redundant Linux boxes.  These will probably be DELL 4300 's  (2 x
> 550's, 1 Gb) . I expect our processing will increase 10 fold.  In
> addition I'm already running 10 Linux boxes as a distributed database
> server and trust me they are up to the task. I'll expect to add 6 - 8
> more to the cluster in the next year. Nice to see the Govt. in front
> of the curve for a change eh ;).
> Hope this isn't boring to the list but I'm always curious how people
> apply there Linux boxes.

<shameless plug>
If you're putting up redundant Linux boxes, you might check out the
High-Availability Linux project.	http://www.henge.com/~alanr/ha/
</shameless plug>

	-- Alan Robertson
	   alanr at bell-labs.com

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