[lug] mishaps with the glibc libraries

Manny Roque Manuel.Roque at colorado.edu
Wed Sep 22 13:55:42 MDT 1999

hello all,
    i am currently taking a data structures class and have been running
into some problems with glibc at compile time.
i keep getting segmentation fault errors when i run my executable file,
but when i compile the same code on an HP machine at school it runs
fine. before this i was having problems with the math library. glibc was
not handling floater point arithmetic correctly. this problem was also
fixed when i compiled my source file on one of the non-linux machines at
    i enjoy using linux until now. the unpredictable behavior of
compiling code is something i can live with but a faulty library i
cannot. i was wondering if there is a way to fix this problem ?
i am using redhat 6.0 , i looked at their errata list but there is no
mention of this.
btw, when i use borland 5.0 on my nt partition i do not get this

Best Wishes,
Manny Roque

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