[lug] mishaps with the glibc libraries

Robert Payne rpayne at rmi.net
Thu Sep 23 10:41:32 MDT 1999

In general, the HP9000s are pretty tolerant of nasty pointer problems
within a program; nonetheless, the program is incorrect.
Please post specifics, a program that illustrates the floating point
error and another that segfaults when you think the program is correct.
I'm certain some of the sharp eyes on the list will locate the problem.

Good luck,

Manny Roque wrote:

> hello all,
>     i am currently taking a data structures class and have been
> running into some problems with glibc at compile time.
> i keep getting segmentation fault errors when i run my executable
> file, but when i compile the same code on an HP machine at school it
> runs fine. before this i was having problems with the math library.
> glibc was not handling floater point arithmetic correctly. this
> problem was also fixed when i compiled my source file on one of the
> non-linux machines at school.
>     i enjoy using linux until now. the unpredictable behavior of
> compiling code is something i can live with but a faulty library i
> cannot. i was wondering if there is a way to fix this problem ?
> i am using redhat 6.0 , i looked at their errata list but there is no
> mention of this.
> btw, when i use borland 5.0 on my nt partition i do not get this
> problem.
> --
> Best Wishes,
> Manny Roque

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