[lug] mount permissions...

jkarns jkarns at ares.csd.net
Thu Sep 23 12:35:32 MDT 1999

Try 'man fstab'.  Provides a good amount of information regarding the
fstab parameters.  Off the top of my head (don't have Linux running at the
moment), I believe adding 'umask=0' to the parameters in the column where
you see the 'users' parameter should address the issue.

John Karns                                       jkarns at atlas.csd.net

On Wed, 22 Sep 1999, Ferdinand P. Schmid wrote:

>I recently installed Redhat 6.0 and found the easy drive mounting
>features for floppies, CD-ROMs and other removable media drives
>especially nice.  However there is one quirk that I can't figure out:
>Any user can mount a floppy drive or a LS-120 drive but only root can
>write to those drives.  Everybody can read from them.  The same thing is
>true for mounted dos partitions.  I am sure that this problem is simply
>a configuration error in my setup but I couldn't find my problem.
>Is it a setting that needs to get changed in my fstab file?

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