[lug] Gated question(s)

Sean Reifschneider jafo at tummy.com
Sun Sep 26 05:17:24 MDT 1999

On Sat, Sep 25, 1999 at 10:09:51PM -0600, Chip Atkinson wrote:
>I'm trying to find and install gated to aid me in routing between two
>LANs.  In my TCP/IP O'Reilly book, I see reference to gated being
>found at gated.cornell.edu.  This ftp site doesn't respond and searching

Unless you have a pretty complex network setup, I'd strongly recommend
against using dynamic routing for anything but a learning experience.
Most cases should be able to be handled by static routes.

Dynamic routing protocols end up introducing a whole new set of problems,
which unless you've got the IP and routing basics down you probably
don't want to mess with.

I believe that the gated.org site is the official repository.  However,
I'd recommend you look at OSPF as implemented by Zebra if you really decide
to go with dynamic routing.  As usual, check out freshmeat.net to locate

>I'm kind of puzzled about gated and if the version that's now available
>will be useful.  Any information that people can provide would be greatly

Well, the version that's on the latest KRUD distribution (and I believe on
RedHat 6.0) is gated-3.5.10-9.  If you are running RedHat, you might
want to check your CD-ROM first.

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