[lug] another CDR question.

winrip winrip at diac.com
Mon Oct 18 21:13:34 MDT 1999

 This probably shouldn't even be asked, but here goes anyway.

 Since building a dual p pro system I've come to learn that the
micronics system board doesn't recognize my memorex cdrw. It will see
everything from a 4x to 32x cdrom, just not the rw, bummer. Anyway I was
wondering if it's possible to use say samba to mount the rw from a
shared windows machine and use say something like cdroast to burn across
the network.

 I've burned cd's in windows from files stored on the linux box several
times without making any coasters, but that's another concept all

 Oh and has anyone ever encountered an error such as: <hdc> lost
interupt ? I seem to get that alot since I installed a 32x cdrom after
trying to install the cdrw in the p pro machine. All the cables are
connected and tight, I seem to be leaning toward a faulty IDE cable.


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