[lug] /var/log/mail

Andrew Diederich andrew at NETdelivery.com
Tue Oct 19 13:15:36 MDT 1999


 Ken> Looking for some advice: is there any reason I would need to keep
 Ken> the above file around? It's now a bit over 3M and the earliest
 Ken> entry dates from last July.
 Tkil> move the file off, touch a new one, and compress the original.  log
 Tkil> files havea  *lot* of repetitive data, so they typically 
 Tkil> compress very 
 Tkil> well.

[info snipped] 

Ooo - I'd copy the log file, gzip the copy, and cat /dev/null >
/var/log/mail to zero out the mail file.  That way permissions stay happy
and sendmail will always be able to read from/ write to the log file it's
expecting to see.

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