[lug] ISPs with "reasonable" email policies

Bruce Yelen byelen at atlas.csd.net
Wed Oct 20 09:34:21 MDT 1999

Most ISP's appear to be going this route to combat spammers.  Why don't
you set your outgoing SMTP to be your work, your incomming set to your
ISP's POP (or other appropriate server) and set your return addresses,
reply-to, etc. to your ISP address.



On Wed, 20 Oct 1999, Calvin Dodge wrote:

> I'm sending this message from work because my ISP (Netcom, or its owner Mindspring) has decided to accept SMTP mail only from dial-up connections.
> (They did this late yesterday afternoon without any warning, BTW)
> So I'm looking for an ISP which will allow me to send email from my work computer.
> Linux-friendliness is a must, of course.
> Any recommendations?
> Calvin
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