[lug] ISPs with "reasonable" email policies

Andrew Reberry andrew.reberry at colorado.edu
Wed Oct 20 09:45:26 MDT 1999

I had this same problem...

I wanted to send mail from my mail provider (which I left as an ISP for
uswest.net's ISP.  But I wanted to keep the old email address).  However my
old ISP wouldn't let me send mail through them when using uswest.net's
service.  So to fix this, all you have to do is set the outgoing SMTP to be
that of your work and set the email address to be what email address you
want people to reply to.  Bruce is correct and this will work just fine.
Nobody will know the difference.


> Most ISP's appear to be going this route to combat spammers.  Why don't
> you set your outgoing SMTP to be your work, your incomming set to your
> ISP's POP (or other appropriate server) and set your return addresses,
> reply-to, etc. to your ISP address.
> Regards,
> Bruce

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