[lug] ISPs with "reasonable" email policies

Calvin Dodge c_dodge at biostar.com
Wed Oct 20 10:06:12 MDT 1999

Bruce Yelen wrote:

	> Most ISP's appear to be going this route to combat spammers.
> Why don't you set your outgoing SMTP to be your work, your
> incomming set to your ISP's POP (or other appropriate server)
> and set your return addresses,reply-to, etc. to your ISP address.

Because I'm using Netscape Roaming Access (so I don't have to maintain two (or more) sets of bookmarks and email addresses.  Any changes I make to my email settings at home are duplicated on my work computer, and vice versa.

This means if I tell Netscape at work to use our Groupwise server for SMTP mail, then my home system will do so, too.

I can set up our Groupwise server to accept email from my work computer (one of the privileges of being an MIS guy), but not from my home one.

So my options are:

1) Change my SMTP settings twice a day (when I get to work, and when I get home)
2) Give up on Netscape Roaming and go back to manual synchronzation between home and work bookmarks and address books (a major pain)
3) Switch to a different (and probably cheaper) ISP, and make a one-time change in Netscape and my chat script

I lean toward choice #3.  Adding weight to this choice is that Mindspring has recently told Denver Netcom users to switch access phone numbers by November 15th - and the new numbers don't work well with my Hayes Accura 56 modem (1 connect out of about 5 attempts, with lots of garbage characters showing up in /var/log/messages).

Am I missing something here?  Is there some other alternative available to me?  Inquiring minds want to know ...


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