[lug] Roaming Access choices

Stewart Crawford-Hines stewcraw at bighorn.dr.lucent.com
Wed Oct 20 15:59:19 MDT 1999

Calvin Dodge wrote:
> Because I'm using Netscape Roaming Access (so I don't have to 
> maintain two (or more) sets of bookmarks and email addresses.  
> Any changes I make to my email settings at home are duplicated 
> on my work computer, and vice versa.

Not sure what version of Netscape you're on, but the current versions
allow you to selectively decide what you want to keep on the server
(Edit:Preferences:Roaming Access:Item Selection).  De-select
Preferences, and they won't be downloaded, but your bookmarks, address
book, etc. will.  I would imagine preferences that vary by location to
be quite common: I run Netscape from several distinct places (I guess I
have too many jobs...) and they all require different preference
settings (some have proxies, some not, ...).


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