[lug] Installfest/ MiniExpo Update

Michael J. Pedersen marvin at netinfra.net
Wed Oct 20 21:50:16 MDT 1999

On Fri, Oct 15, 1999 at 11:40:35AM -0700, Glenn Ashton wrote:
> To that end we have gotten rooms scheduled for Saturday, November
> 20th,1999 in the University Memorial Center. 158A-B, 159A-B.

Count me in, definitely.  Sorry to have been so idle, my modem died just
recently, and I'm barely back online now (14.4 *UGH*). Anyway, I've got to ask
for directions for getting there, if somebody would be so kind?

> Chuck expressed a particular interest in having a demo of Star Office, and
> I think essentially, we should try to present things that would be of
> interest to the academic community in particular.

Well, I can do a small demo of Star Office, and of other programs to do
similar things (ie: KOffice, Gnome's Office stuff, and others).

> Linux Databases
> Programming Environments available for free with Linux..

This is something I would be better at, definitely.  I can find a bunch of
them, get them installed, and show people how much can be done.

> The ideas can be as endless and creative as our group is.  I would like to
> call a real meeting for volunteers at some point in the first week of
> November.

I'd still like to toss in something about encryption under linux (sorry, this
is my personal soapbox issue).

In addition, I need to ask if we can get together in that first week of
November on a night other than Tuesday or Thursday.  Finishing my comp sci
degree, and my class is on Tu/Th 5-7pm.

Michael J. Pedersen
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