[lug] XVidtune

John Edwards harkerii at sprintmail.com
Wed Oct 20 22:07:26 MDT 1999

	It appears that the newest distro's of RedHat has removed one of the most
usefull X configuration programs I've seen (XConfigurator, I believe).  It
was a GUI based setup tool, which let you do most of the X setup via a nice
interface, and would then run xvidtune so you could get you're screen set
up right, and then save it all.
	This appears to be missing now.
	My question is this:  How can I get xvidtune to save it's settings so that
when I restart X, my screen is centered?  Currently, it's too far to the
right and not quite tall enough to fill the screen.
	Is there a place where I can put the settings (xvidtune shows them while
it's running) within my xf86config file?

	TIA for any advice.

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