[lug] Installfest/ MiniExpo Update

Jason A. Crosswhite jason at newberry.uoregon.edu
Thu Oct 21 10:18:08 MDT 1999

> > Chuck expressed a particular interest in having a demo of Star Office, and
> > I think essentially, we should try to present things that would be of
> > interest to the academic community in particular.

I'm in the academic community, and I have a bunch of software on my box
that the scientific academic community might like.  I use MATLAB for
linux alot.  Its a commercial product, but you can get a fully
functional academic version for $90 now....  There is also Octave (a
free MATLAB alike).  Also nice things like tgif, etc. for editing vector
graphics etc., and things like SGIs visualization tool kit (vtk), which
scientists use alot.  Its also just cool that I can use my machine as an
xterm to some of the bigger unix servers aroud campus.....

Let me know if that sounds like something good for the expo.  'Bout all
I have to offer.

-Jason Crosswhite

jason at newberry.uoregon.edu
Rm 220, Cascade Building
University of Oregon

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