[lug] CU Class Scheduler

PC Drew drewpc at colorado.edu
Sun Oct 24 13:17:56 MDT 1999

I've always hated when the time comes to make up my schedule for next
semester.  If you look at it from a Computer Scientist's point of view, it's
a perfect candidate for a program! Well, as luck may have it, some nice guy
named John Tunison from Carnegie Mellon wrote a program to do this.  He even
made it handy to interface to other schools!  So I went ahead and wrote the
interface between this program (called "Carnegie") and CU's new Schedule
Planner website.

If you want to download/find out more about the program Carnegie, go to


To download the handler that I wrote for CU, go to


Good Luck!  I hope this helps more people than myself.

PC Drew

PS - In the spirit of Open Source: code fixes, comments, cheap shots, and
one-liners are always welcome.

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