[lug] I'm looking for a kind person

Hugh Brown hbrown at byu.edu
Tue Oct 26 07:41:18 MDT 1999

The subnet mask allows the computer to know what traffic to consider
local.  It is a logical AND (I believe).  So you would convert the IP
address and the mask to binary AND them and that tells you what ranges
are acceptable.

Go to 

for a book on TCP/IP networking.


> Sometimes I see uncommon subnetmask like at a pc game
> room.  I want to know what subnetmask is for.  So,
> I'm looking for a person who'll send me a book.  Of course I'll pay the
> all of cost.  The book may concern tcp/ip, subnetmask, router, hub
> etc..  And it must be easy to understand in general, because I'm not a
> native speaker.  I don't think the book is very easy to understand,
> because it is a technology book.  I don't care but I wish the book is
> easy.

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