[lug] Font installation question

Lynn Danielson lynnd at techangle.com
Tue Oct 26 10:37:11 MDT 1999

Rob wrote:
> Greetings,
Rob Osterburg wrote:
> After following the brief instructions on the gimp site, I did NOT succeed installing the fonts. Please understand that when it comes to Linux system administration I'm total novice. So here are the steps I took, please let me if you can see where I went astray.
> 1) Working as root untarred the archive which created the /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/URW on my RedHat 6.0 system. The directory is full off files and tar reported no errors.
> The URW line follows the FontPath lines for "misc: unscaled", "75dpi: unscaled", and "100dpi: unscaled". In what appeared to me to be a distribution
> dependent distinction, the Section "Files" was contained in XF86Config.eg, not XF86Config. 

What are the permissions on these fonts?  They should be mode 666.
Did you create a fonts.dir file using mkfontdir?  If these are 
scaleable fonts, you will also need a fonts.scale file in your 
URW directory.

You should have a Files section in XF86Config.  My FontPath is a 
comma delimited list, but individual FontPath lines should work.  
I don't know what XF86Config.eg is, but unless you're running an 
unusual configuration of XFree86, the only config file that counts
is /etc/XF86Config.

Running xset as the user who started X should work fine.

Lynn Danielson

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