[lug] devpts

Charles Morrison cmorrison at info2000.net
Tue Oct 26 10:40:52 MDT 1999

I've had some problems that stem from compiling a kernel (2.2.10) and not
getting devpts included. I've searched throughout the kernel and haven't found
this as an option, but when I compile and then boot from the new kernel, I get
error messages on bootup that it has no support for filesystem devpts when
mounting my disk's  partitions.

While it appears to boot normally other than those messages, when I shutdown
the box, it is unable to unmount / and upon rebooting (with the original
mandrake kernel) it requires that I repair the partition. I have lost data in
the process.

could anyone enlighten me on how to get this compiled in? I usually use "make
menuconfig'" when I set up the compile options.

Chuck Morrison
Sr. Systems Engineer
VA Linux Inc.

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