[lug] devpts

Doug Shaw shawd at hex.net
Tue Oct 26 12:55:07 MDT 1999

At 10:40 AM 10.26.1999 -0600, you wrote:

>I've had some problems that stem from compiling a kernel (2.2.10) and not
>getting devpts included. I've searched throughout the kernel and haven't
>this as an option, but when I compile and then boot from the new kernel, I
>error messages on bootup that it has no support for filesystem devpts when
>mounting my disk's  partitions.

Pts is a method of defining and accessing terminals.  It has been included
in newer version of Linux to work toward Unix98 branding.

Pts inclusion in the kernel is under 'Character Devices.'  The help for
that option recommends also adding the '/dev/pts filesystem for Unix98
PTYs' under 'Filesystems.'  It sounds as if you've not done this latter step.

Caveat: this is from a 2.2.8 kernel.


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