[lug] Can't access CDROM

Tue Oct 26 13:22:07 MDT 1999

A few other questions... is /dev/cdrom linked to the right /dev/hdx or
/dev/srx device for your cd? if you're mounting it as a user, have you added
the 'user' (Next to noauto,ro in the example you gave) option to mount in
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I realize that this may be an idiotic suggestion, but do you have a CD in
the drive before executing the "mount" command?  And, is the CD read-able by
the drive?

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Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong. I can;t seem to mount my cdrom
after a new Linux 6.0 install. It shows I have it in 'etc'fstab  as shown
/dev/cdrom     /mnt/cdrom            iso9660 noauto,ro         0 0
And I have it as a directory under '/mnt'
And I don't know the syntax to create a symbloic link or what to link it to
if linking 
was my problem.
I try 'mount /mnt/cdrom'
I try 'mount /mnt/cdrom /dev/cdrom'
Everything I try I get 'not a valid block device'
Thanks ahead for any help,
Dave Willcox :-)

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