[lug] a bit tired of updates

Kirk Rafferty kirk at fpcc.net
Wed Oct 27 08:15:33 MDT 1999

I don't really think there's a way around what you're describing.  Some
of the better sites point out dependencies and where you can get them,
and that's always nice.  Also, if you're sure you have a dependency
installed (maybe you cicumvented rpm) and the package complains it needs
it, there's always the "--force" option (my favorite "power" command :).

RPM at least makes it easy to know what you need.  Ever try to install
a .tar.gz package and get a bizarre message that it can't find libfoo.so
or something?  Cripes, then you have to actually go back and read the
README.first file! :-)

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On Wed, 27 Oct 1999, Chan Kar Heng wrote:

> greetings.
> just to voice an irritating feeling which i feel most linux
> users share...
> i'm quite sure we all know sometimes why we're get .rpm
> files and not .tar.gz or .tgz files... coz .rpm provides
> dependency checks for one.
> so .rpm it is. but do you often find out about a new app
> or a new version of a favourite app and proceed to download
> the rpm, only to find that you need an rpm of a (set) of
> libraries which need to be upgraded as well.
> so you proceed to search and download those rpms required
> for your new app and install em.. only to find that some
> other apps are dependent on your old libraries which you
> are about to replace. and so you proceed to search and download
> a newer version of that app as well. (unless you choose
> to break the dependency by forcing the install, and getting
> your app semi-broken)
> imho, this is all rather frustrating, esp while following
> thru many versions of linux distribution (i can't claim
> i did so far, and i'm not a heavy user too, tell by the mail
> headers.. heh!).
> so does anyone have a certain recipe for overcoming this
> rather irritating thing? (though it only happens once in
> a month or few)
> regards,
> khchan
> ps: linux is still cool!
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