[lug] a bit tired of updates

Elizabeth O. Coolbaugh cool at eklektix.com
Wed Oct 27 08:25:10 MDT 1999

> This doesn't happen if you stick to the official Red Hat updates (and
> probably some of the other distributions as well).  But the you can't
> get the latest and greatest until they come out with a new release
> (every six months or so), since their updates are only for serious
> problems.

Actually, it just happened to me recently when trying to update my
gnome packages using the official updates made available on the
web site ... I saw the error message, the rpms did not get updated
and I haven't gotten back to try and work out what packages were

This is something that I have heard, though not tested, is actually
better with the Debian .pkg format.  It supposedly tells you what
*package* is missing instead of just what library or binary and
has options to just tell it to install required dependencies
automatically.  Again, this isn't from personal experience, but I
personally think it should be part of any package management system,
to at least give you that capability as an option.

Liz Coolbaugh
cool at lwn.net

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