[lug] a bit tired of updates

Rob Riggs rob at pangalactic.org
Wed Oct 27 08:30:42 MDT 1999

Chan Kar Heng wrote:
> so .rpm it is. but do you often find out about a new app
> or a new version of a favourite app and proceed to download
> the rpm, only to find that you need an rpm of a (set) of
> libraries which need to be upgraded as well.
> so does anyone have a certain recipe for overcoming this
> rather irritating thing? (though it only happens once in
> a month or few)

99% of the time you can overcome this by grabbing the SRPM
and rebuilding the RPM from source. The RPM only requires
the newer libraries because that is what it was compiled

However, there are times when you will realize that it is
just easier to upgrade your distribution to the latest
release. I finally upgraded to Red Hat 6.0 recently,
because that is what most of the Gnome developers were
using. It got to the point that upgrading the OS was easier
than trying to keep up upgrading libraries everytimg I
wanted to try out a new application.

Rob Riggs
Technical Staff
Tummy.com, Ltd.

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