[lug] a bit tired of updates

Elizabeth O. Coolbaugh cool at eklektix.com
Wed Oct 27 09:12:00 MDT 1999

Nope :-).  In general, I install only the security updates, not
all the updates.  In addition, I prefer not to install packages
I don't need, so I use autorpm to detect packages that have been
upgraded, download them automatically and notify me of them.

I'm sure the package I need for the gnome updates is in their
directory.  Installing all of them to find it is unreasonable.
Finding the one I need is doable, but just takes time I haven't
got today.


On Wed, Oct 27, 1999 at 07:37:09AM -0700, Jeffrey B. Siegal wrote:
> "Elizabeth O. Coolbaugh" wrote:
> > Actually, it just happened to me recently when trying to update my
> > gnome packages using the official updates made available on the
> > web site ... I saw the error message, the rpms did not get updated
> > and I haven't gotten back to try and work out what packages were
> > missing.
> Did you download *all* of the rpms listed in the errata and update them
> at the same time (with single invokation of the rpm command referencing
> all of the rpm's on the command line)?  This is critical when updating a
> complex multi-package facility like GNOME (or XFree86).  If you did
> this, then you've identified a problem that should be reported to Red
> Hat.  I haven't heard of this before.  
> Yeah, the Debian package stuff is better.
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