[lug] a bit tired of updates

Jeffrey B. Siegal jbs at quiotix.com
Wed Oct 27 09:28:26 MDT 1999

"Elizabeth O. Coolbaugh" wrote:
> Installing all of them to find it is unreasonable.

I wansn't so much suggesting that you do that as much as clarifying my
original response to the original question of "how do I avoid these
package conflict problems?"  That is: one way to avoid the problems is
to install all of the Red Hat-supplied updates, and only the Red
Hat-supplied updates.  This will avoid conflicts (as well as missing
dependencies, etc.), and if it doesn't let them know and they'll fix
it.  They're pretty good about this sort of thing.

But being a "Red Hat slave" has its own set of problems, as both you and
I pointed out.

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