[lug] XMMS Problems with RH6.1 - Follow up

Dennis Keller dennis at bullamanka.com
Wed Oct 27 10:32:36 MDT 1999

Hi all-

I posted a question to the list earlier in the month about XMMS not
working correctly after the RH6.1 upgrade with the enlightenment wm. The
symptoms were that it would simply skip through a song without playing
it. I've found the solution and wanted to share it. (It's no secret, I
just didn't figure it out until now).

The problem is with ESD. Apparently the esd that gets installed with
RH6.1 isn't as compatible with XMMS .9.5.1 as the one in RH6.0. The
solution is to upgrade to ESound 0.2.15 and install the XMMS ESD plugin
from the following page:


Once they are installed, simply choose preferences in XMMS and change
the ouput plugin to your new esd output plugin.

Hopefully this will help someone who has run into this problem!

Dennis Keller
dennis at bullamanka.com

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