[lug] Java timezone question

Andrew Diederich andrew at NETdelivery.com
Wed Oct 27 13:12:52 MDT 1999

Okay, this is certainly off topic, but here goes.  I'm helping out a buddy
who has a Java question, but I don't write code, and some of you do, so I
decided to use the list for my own nefarious purposes.  

I'm looking for a call in Java 1.1 to get the timezone off an NT box.  We
can get the current system time, but I guess it doesn't get the offset from
GMT with it.  Since we store all timestamps in our database on GMT we need
to figure out how far away we are from GMT.  Our current solution is to
enter the current timezone in an ini file, with the dates/times to change to
and from daylight savings, but that is a hack and prone to errors.  Any

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