[lug] a bit tired of updates

kenw at ihs.com kenw at ihs.com
Wed Oct 27 13:32:23 MDT 1999

* Kirk Rafferty (kirk at fpcc.net) [991027 13:16]:
> I don't really think there's a way around what you're describing.  Some
> of the better sites point out dependencies and where you can get them,
> and that's always nice.  Also, if you're sure you have a dependency
> installed (maybe you cicumvented rpm) and the package complains it needs
> it, there's always the "--force" option (my favorite "power" command :).

	For example, I just did a clean install of SuSE 6.2 and tried to 
install the new gnome/enlightenment (from the web.) Turns out you have to have
*both* libjpeg.s0.6 and libjpeg.so.62 installed. Had to work around that one.
In addition, it complained that it needed netpbm (which was installed) so I
just hit the power button (--force :-) to get it working.

	For me, this is the first time I've tried going strictly with RPMs
because of this problem. Of course, I had to do a clean install because I
tried to upgrade to the new gnome/enlightment without RPMs and totally 
screwed up my shared libs so that 1/2 the stuff wouldn't work.

	I find myself in the unique position of seeing both sides of the
issue at the same time right now :-)

Ken Weinert  kenw at ihs.com

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