[lug] rsync compile on RH5.2

Kevin Fenzi kevin at scrye.com
Wed Oct 27 14:36:16 MDT 1999

>>>>> "Michael" == "Michael J Hammel" <mjhammel at graphics-muse.org> writes:

Michael> Does anyone else have rsync compiled on a RH5.2 box?  The
Michael> compile succeeds but the link fails with this:

Michael> main.o: In function `main': main.o(.text+0xf33): undefined
Michael> reference to `ap_signal' main.o(.text+0xfdf): undefined
Michael> reference to `ap_signal' main.o(.text+0xfeb): undefined
Michael> reference to `ap_signal' main.o(.text+0xff7): undefined
Michael> reference to `ap_signal' main.o(.text+0x1003): undefined
Michael> reference to `ap_signal' main.o(.text+0x1012): more undefined
Michael> references to `ap_signal' follow

Michael> These come from calls to signal:

Michael> signal(SIGUSR1, sigusr1_handler);

Michael> But the call is fine.  Some header file is mucked up, but I
Michael> can't find ap_signal in any of the files in rsync, nor can I
Michael> find it in any header file under /usr/lib.  -- Michael

poking around on my 5.2 box the only include refrence I see for it is
in /usr/include/apache/ap_config.h, where it's:

#define signal(s,f)     ap_signal(s,f)

That file is owned by apache-devel. I have no idea why rsync would
want to use something from the apache-devel package, but perhaps this

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