[lug] AARGGG! ADSL and NAT.

Jason A. Crosswhite jason at newberry.uoregon.edu
Thu Oct 28 22:45:24 MDT 1999

Hello all,

Sorry to bother you all again.  Seems to be a busy day for me and
computer problems.

Here's the story:

I've got an external ADSL modem (Cisco 675) connected to a hub in my
house, to which me and my room mate's computers are connected.  We use
NAT and DHCP services over a PPP to USWEST.  Everything is working hunky
dorey, except for one thing.  I can't figure out how to set the DISPLAY
environment variable on a unix machine I'm working on in campus so that
graphics displays on my home machine.

I guess I just don't understand NAT well enough.  I though that each IP
in my SOHO network was given as a port for my one real global IP which
my 675 owns (well on port for each protocol).  I logged onto my 675 and
did a "show nat", got the IP and some port numbers, but no luck.  Can't
even telnet in.

I have to be doing something brain dead, but what?  I'm sure somebody
must know the answer here.  If its something obvious, and I missed a
HOWTO somewhere (I looked!), then feel free to beat me over the head.  I
just want to work from home!!!

Thank in advance.

-Jason Crosswhite

jason at newberry.uoregon.edu
Rm 220, Cascade Building
University of Oregon

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