[lug] AARGGG! ADSL and NAT.

Jason A. Crosswhite jason at newberry.uoregon.edu
Fri Oct 29 00:46:55 MDT 1999

> I presume you mean "RADSL", since that's the variety of DSL offered
> around here.  :-)

I'll try to be more careful next time, but no promises!! :-)

> If the SSH licensing bites you, you could use the dxpc software to set up
> a similar tunnel (and you get REALLY good compression over it too).  This
> is probably the preferred way to do it, except that it doesn't offer
> encryption.  It DOES offer GREAT X compression though.

Thanks!  That turned the trick.  Didn't even know this existed.

Much faster this way too.  Sure wish it had better image compression
though!  Text works really nicely though.

-Jason Crosswhite

jason at newberry.uoregon.edu
Rm 220, Cascade Building
University of Oregon

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