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I recently took a new job and committed myself to try to help find a
replacement for the old job. As no one has applied for this position yet, I
volunteered to post it to a few lists where some very linux (and that other OS)
literate people would see it. I'd appreciate if you would post this to your LUG

The job is with the Weld County Health Department and listed as a health data
specialist or some such thing. I'll cut the beaurocratic labels and explain it.
The job is composed of the following duties.

1) Maintain an existing Linux / Apache / MySQL web-database server. This server
supplies health related data, via dynamic web searches, to the public, local
and state health departments. It utilizes CGI's built on compiled C code. This
server has proven to be bullet-proof and is VERY trouble free. You can look at
the public part of it at http://cohid.gen.co.us

2) Migrate the above to a NT4 / IIS / ASP / SQL Server 7 environment located at
the Colorado Dept. of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE). This involves both
the database end (largely finished) and the web server / page end (largely
undone). It involves working closely with IT personnel from CDPHE - Yes they
are very nice people :-) , and working to programming standards that they
determine. This is really more of a partnership than I make it sound. They are
exploring this territory too, and this project is part of their exploration.

3) The structure of the job is unique. You would be responsible to yourself and
the committee that governs the project. That committee is made up of data
users and suppliers from county health departments and CDPHE. While the job is
administered (salary, benefits, etc ) through Weld County, It is really the
committee that has authority over the project. If you have the equipment, a
great deal of work could be done at home (I did about 50/50). All MS software is
supplied by the CDPHE. There is a private office at WCHD in Greeley, complete
with Windows PCs and Linux PCs. 

4) Additional duties may include light maintenance of a couple MS Access
timekeeping systems (a few minutes a month, if that) and first line support of
office computer glitches. Weld County Info Services has locked down all the
win95 pcs pretty tight, so there is very little you can do for most things
except call IS.

This is a high profile position in it's own way and could be a great stepping
stone for the right person. The current funding (Government job, remember???) is
through 2000. A good number of people see this project as unique and valuable,
so it's possible that funding may continue beyond 2000. That may depend largely
on you.

Salary for 1999 was $36,000/yr. The budget for 2000 appears to be for up to
$10,000 more for the right person. That may be negotiable. 

The position closes Wed. Nov. 2, 1999. For more info you can email Gaye Akin at
gakin at co.weld.co.us or myself at cmorrison at info2000.net 

Chuck Morrison
Sr. Systems Engineer
VA Linux Inc.

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