[lug] Digiboard drivers and Linux

David Willcox acesouth at frii.com
Fri Oct 29 11:54:36 MDT 1999

Has anyone had any experience about Digiboard PC/xe or any knowledge about how to access these intelligent multi-serial boards with Linux. I'm told that the drivers for these boards are located in the kernel and have my kernel settings correct. I could really use some help regarding even a hint of how to set Linux to see these boards. I also know that Linux looks at address 200 but let's say from my older OS using Xenix I had these boards setting selectable from an install disk 5 1/4" .Ancient I know but it worked fine. I even callled Digiboard and they told me to set rc.serial so first port is set at 200 for these 8-port boards. I had no luck after doing all these changes and I have about 10 Pawnshops depending on me to get their boards working with Linux real soon like yesterday. There must be someplace besides /usr/src/linux/include/config or someplace in that area to configure these. How about linuxconf?                                                                                                                    
thanks ahead for any help concerning this,
dave willcox

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