[lug] Digiboard drivers and Linux

bdoctor at nda.com bdoctor at nda.com
Sun Oct 31 21:26:19 MST 1999

I have experience with some older Digi hardware, which
worked well, after the driver was sorted, as well as newer
hardware, the PC XEM unit, which has an external module for
it's serial ports, rather than an octopus cable.  Works
extremely well!

ftp.digi.com is your best resource.  All devices are
/dev/ttyD<n>.  The included RC script should give a good
indication as to what goes where.  Of course, you'll need
the binaries, from the FTP site.  This script is designed
for a cloned machine, one which may or may not have the Digi
device in it, as such it will configure a new machine. 
Assumes that:
The device is working properly (We have PCI devices, very
The kernel supports it
The modules/kernel are all installed and synced

I've not come across any IRQ conflicts, or I/O conflicts,
etc.  The PCI model is wonderfully easy, compared to the
older ISA models, which were very difficult to setup.

If you need additional assistance, let me know, I'll do what
I can :)

I don't do code pageants.

# Start/stop script by Brad Doctor <bdoctor at nda.com>
# This should do the trick for a properly configured digi

. /etc/rc.d/init.d/functions

MODULE_LOCATION=/lib/modules/`uname -r`/misc/epca.o

case "$1" in 

        echo -n "Bringing up Digiboard XEM Driver... "

                if grep epca /proc/modules > /dev/null ;
                         echo "The Digi epca driver is
already loaded!"
                        exit 0
             if [ -f $MODULE_LOCATION ] ; then
                  /sbin/insmod $MODULE_LOCATION
                 echo "Could not find $MODULE_LOCATION,
                 exit 0

             if [ -f $MODULE_INIT_BIN ] ; then
                 echo "Initializing the driver: "

             if [ $? != 0 ] ; then
                 echo "Error intializing the card!"
                 /bin/dmesg | tail -1

       stop) echo "The machine must be rebooted to remove
the module."

       status) echo "Checking /proc/modules: "
                grep epca /proc/modules
               echo ""
               echo "Checking /proc/epca: "
                if [ -f /proc/epca ] ; then
                    cat /proc/epca
                    echo "/proc/epca does not exist, this is
        *) echo "Usage: $0 [start|stop|status]"


> David Willcox wrote:
> Has anyone had any experience about Digiboard PC/xe or any
> knowledge about how to access these intelligent
> multi-serial boards with Linux. I'm told that the drivers
> for these boards are located in the kernel and have my
> kernel settings correct. I could really use some help
> regarding even a hint of how to set Linux to see these
> boards. I also know that Linux looks at address 200 but
> let's say from my older OS using Xenix I had these boards
> setting selectable from an install disk 5 1/4" .Ancient I
> know but it worked fine. I even callled Digiboard and they
> told me to set rc.serial so first port is set at 200 for
> these 8-port boards. I had no luck after doing all these
> changes and I have about 10 Pawnshops depending on me to
> get their boards working with Linux real soon like
> yesterday. There must be someplace besides
> /usr/src/linux/include/config or someplace in that area to
> configure these. How about
> linuxconf?
> thanks ahead for any help concerning this,
> dave willcox

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