[lug] Chronology settings,I use Pine.

Gary Masters gmasters at devcg.denver.co.us
Sat Oct 30 18:56:41 MDT 1999

On Wed, 27 Oct 1999, Rob Mohr wrote:

> Me too.  But I use another tree variety, Pine.  Its the only thing I have 
> used since '94.  True.  But I got rid of the crank telephone and the 
> party line last year:-)  (just kidding)
> eof

I too use Pine.  I can't get used to versions above 3.96, however.  So
I keep the 3.96 source code and just keep compiling it on everything I
end up having to read mail on.

I won't tell you of my withdrawal symptoms when I had to give up VAX
mail about three years ago.  ;-)

  Gary Masters
  gmasters at devcg.denver.co.us

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