[lug] Adding Users -- Yellow Dog PPC

Pedersen, Michael J PederMJ at LOUISVILLE.STORTEK.COM
Mon Nov 8 08:49:49 MST 1999

By my understanding of useradd, you can't use create a password for a user
with it.  You have to run passwd on the user after you've created teh user
to manually set the password.

I haven't used useradd for several years, so my understanding of proper
usage may be incorrect.

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> OK, I feel pretty stupid, but I can't seem to add a user in Yellowdog
> Champion 1.1   I use Useradd to add a user with a password 
> and then when I
> try to log that user in it tells me that the password is 
> incorrect.  Should
> there be a space between the '-p' and the password in the 
> useradd command?
> On a much higher note, Linux runs like greased lightening on 
> my G4 - 400 /
> 128MB RAM.  Just plain fast.
> Thanks,
> Brian Ketelsen
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