[lug] BLUG 99 CU Linux Installfest

Glenn Ashton gfa at idiom.com
Mon Nov 8 09:30:56 MST 1999

Date: November 20, 1999 9:30am-4:00pm (Setup at 8:00am)
Place: UMC Rooms 158a-b,159a-b
Sponsors: The Buffalo Chip and Boulder Linux User's Group

We had a brief and productive meeting last night.  Those attending were:
Gary Masters, Chuck Morrison, Mike Pedersen and Glenn Ashton.

We have great support from CU's Buffalo Chip and they have contacted
Redhat and Metrowerks, whose products they vend for marketing support.
The Buffalo Chip has offered to burn cd's and they will be keeping the
store open for people who want to buy boxed Redhat.  They are also having
the ethernet ports activated for us in the two rooms that we will be

Here's what we came up with at the meeting:

We will have a "demo theater" - using the Buffalo Chip's projector and on
a 2.5 hour rolling schedule, we will install Linux and demonstrate the
Gimp, StarOffice, Lyx, and Quake III.  Chuck 
Morrison<cmorrison at info2000.net> and Mike 
Pedersen<PederMJ at LOUISVILLE.STORTEK.COM> are coordinating
this area and I'm sure other input would be great!  The "mini-theater" is
part of one of the rooms we have, with the accordian doors closed and will
seat approximately 15 people.

Help Desk and Installations:

We have another room devoted to help desk and installations.  Chuck
volunteered to put together some paper handouts on various important URL's
to the Linux Community.  I think it would be great to have as much info as
possible that we can hand out.

Gary Masters is heading up the Installation/Help Desk area for now, and we
hope lots of people would make themselves available to help those who need
help getting installs going.

I thought that if Sean was amenable, he could also provide his expertise
in the help desk area.

Exhibits in the Mini-Expo Area:

We have room for about 10 machines to "demo" various cool things about
Linux.  We need the following:

1)  Yellowdog demo-  someone to show off Linux on Mac hardware

2)  Civilization Call to Power or another cool game- (it's campus)

3)  Apache/Netscape- 

4)  Integrated Development Environment(s)/ Compilers

5)  Secure Shell

We also need power strips.

We have:

1) Demo of Redhat Linux on Alpha (Glenn's alpha)

2) Samba - Gary Masters and Mike Pedersen

3) Dual Boot, Dual Processor Pentium- Bill <winrip at diac.com>

4) Gary said that he could have a friend install and we could show my
SparcStation IPX running Linux, possibly as an X terminal to the Alpha.

The following people have expressed a desire to help with this event:

Sean Reifschneider
Bill (winrip at diac.com)
Wayde Allen
Chuck Morrison
Jason Crosswhite
Kyle Moore
Ian Hall-Beyer
Jeff Howell
John Edwards
PC Drew
Calvin Dodge
Ferdinand P. Schmid
David Emile Lamy
Jim Delmonico
Sebastian Sobelewski
Gary Masters
T LaWall
Michael Pedersen
Chuck Fisher- Buffalo Chip
Chuck Johnson- Buffalo Chip

We'll need every one to commit and let us know the area they want to help

Questions?  Let me know.  I am planning to be at the meeting Thursday.


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