[lug] BLUG 99 CU Linux Installfest

Steven sdeal at denver.iti.edu
Mon Nov 8 10:08:09 MST 1999

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Subject:	[lug] BLUG 99 CU Linux Installfest

Date: November 20, 1999 9:30am-4:00pm (Setup at 8:00am)
Place: UMC Rooms 158a-b,159a-b
Sponsors: The Buffalo Chip and Boulder Linux User's Group

 We need the following:

1)  Yellowdog demo-  someone to show off Linux on Mac hardware

[]  I've got a g3(lombard) that i'd love someone to configure either Linuxppc or YD on (i have both, but never got an installation that I have been happy with.) I'd be more than willing to let any linuxPPC guru go to town with this hardware []  . Or at least drop by to let whomever you find lend me some free advise. 
[]  Cheers,

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