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Sorry for the long delay in answering - no email for the weekend. I'm glad
you got the windows conflict solved. I'm afraid I've been lazy about finding
a good place to set up those commands to run on boot for linux. I have a
server that runs for months and only goes down for hardware work so it
hasn't been much trouble to just type them in (actually cut and paste :).
If/When I do get around to it, probably the easiest solution (assuming
(again) you're using RedHat) is to use the *netcfg* program under X (as root
user) (is found in the control panel as well) which will write to the
necessary setup files. Another option is to use *linuxconf*. Just note the

    # ifconfig eth1 netmask up
is setting up the ethernet interface with an address and netmask

    # route add -net netmask eth1
is adding route using interface eth1

    # route add default gw eth1
is adding default gateway through eth1

With this info you can experiment over a couple of reboots. I'm sorry I
can't be any more clear but I think you've motivated me to get it figured
out once and for all. Good luck


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| I have managed to get rid of the IRQ conflict I was having between the
| and the ethernet card by loading the sb module w/ 'insmod sb io=0x220
| dma=1' The problem I  had was that I didn't realize the insmod needed the
io and
| dma parameters, in addition to the IRQ. I still have no idea why this was
| causing windows to hang on reboot, but that problem seems to have gone
away w/
| this solution.
| I can then issue the 3 commands below, and the ethernet card seems to be
| configured as expected. My question now is how do I make these
| take effect at boot time so I don't need to do this by hand every time?
| thanks,
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| geo-lincs wrote:
| >
| > Set up Cisco 675 exactly as described in manual (ppp mode, not bridge
| > Make sure Linux recognizes your ethernet card and what it will be called
| > (mine's eth1)
| > The following root incantations got it up and running:
| >
| >      # ifconfig eth1 netmask up
| >      # route add -net netmask eth1
| >      # route add default gw eth1
| >
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