[lug] NVidia Riva TNT2 (Diamond Viper V770D) / RH 6.0

Phil Weinstein pweinstein at acm.org
Mon Nov 8 15:05:03 MST 1999

Seeking technical help ...

Difficulties reinstalling RH 6.0 on a Dell Precision 410 (Pentium III
delivered with a Linux config!).  My re-installation is successful
except for the X Window System.  (XFree86).

Video: NVidia Riva TNT2 (Diamond Viper V770D -- Dell's OEM version of
the V770) ... 32 MB.  Monitor: Dell Ultrascan 1600HS (D1626HT) 21"

All of the many video and monitor settings I've tried result in an
invalid configuration OR ... an UNBELIEVABLY LOW RESOLUTION
(sixteenth-VGA, or something).  (Currently, I've just bailed from the X

Dell provides the following webpage ... but apparently, it applies to a
different video card (the solution doesn't seem to work) ...

Diamond warns: "The OEM Dell card (V770D) is different enough from the
full retail version of the V770 Ultra that we do not recommend using
Diamond drivers with it." ... and this may apply to Linux drivers as
well, I guess ...

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thank you in advance.
- Phil Weinstein, Boulder
pweinstein at acm.org

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