[lug] When to use a module?

Rob Riggs rob at pangalactic.org
Mon Nov 8 15:35:11 MST 1999

"Stephen G. Smith" wrote:
> When creating a new kernel, when is the right time to use
> a module or just add the support directly into the kernel?

I compile just about everything that I can as a module. I don't typically
use the kernel's initrd capability, so I do compile in my SCSI driver, but
other than that, if I can compile as a module, I do so.

The main reason that I do this is that reconfiguration is a snap, and I've
found that removing a module and reinstalling it can clear up trouble that
a device may be having just as well as a reboot.

Also, for things like my CDRW, it requires the ide-scsi module for writing,
and reads audio CDs better with the standard ide-cdrom driver. Booting a
new kernel just to write a CD would suck.

For most users, it's not an important choice. It's a matter of preference
and skill at concocting a working /etc/conf.modules.

Rob Riggs
Technical Staff
Tummy.com, Ltd.

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