[lug] IP Masq'ing problem

George Sexton gsexton at mhsoftware.com
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It sounds to me like the default gateway on the MS box doesn't point to the
Linux machine. You might run winipcfg and see what it says the default
router is...

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   OK I'm beyond stumped here.  I decided to upgrade, er rather fresh
install, to redhat 6.1, since I was adding another 10gigs I saw no
reason why I shouldn't just do it fresh.  After backing up all of the
files that I deemed critical, the ones not easily recreated, I've run
into a problem with IP forwarding.  I saved all of my network related
files from hosts to resolve.conf and also my rc.firewall file.  The
rc.firewall executes without a problem just as it always did, however my
Win98 box cannot get out to the internet.     This is the puzzling part
because I have another machine on the network running RH6.0 that can get
out just fine. I browse web pages, send and recieve files, but the MS
box simply refuses to co-operate.

Anyone have an idea of where I might start to look next? I've even gone
as far as putting the address and IP in the hosts file just to see if
the names weren't resolving but no luck.  Oh and I can't ping the
outside world from the MS box either, but I can connect via smb to my

Thanks in advance.

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