[lug] Compaq Smart-2 Array with Redhat 6.1 is super slow.

cstpierre at gilead.com cstpierre at gilead.com
Mon Nov 8 15:45:18 MST 1999

I have done several installs of RH 6.1 on PC's without array controllers
and they all seem to take less than an hour to complete.  Today I am
working on a Compaq Prosignia 500 with a Smart-2 controller and the actual
software copy over is estimated to take almost six hours.  Any one have any
ideas why it is so slow?  I have never installed RH on a disk this big
before and it seems I was limited to about 4 GB for / Linux Native
partition.  Is this normal or did I do something incorrect?
  The total logical disk size is about 8GB and I have the / partition at
about 4GB and the /home partition at about 3.8GB.  Will it possibly speed
up once it is fully installed and configured? I installed the latest
firmware for the smart-2 set the array drive type to be SCO UNIX 5.


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