[lug] DSL static IP question

Sean Reifschneider jafo at tummy.com
Mon Nov 8 22:04:05 MST 1999

On Mon, Nov 08, 1999 at 09:40:52PM -0700, Chip Atkinson wrote:
>My question are these:  Is the 190 IP, which is used for routing, the 
>address of the DSL modem, or is it the IP of the WAN side?  Also, is 
>the modem in bridging mode?

That depends on wether the Cisco 675 is in routing or bridging mode.
If the former, then it's the Cisco on your end, if the latter it's the
Cisco on the US Pest end.

It all boils down to:  It doesn't REALLY matter which end that IP is
on, you just set your gateway IP to that and don't worry about it any

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