[lug] When to use a module?

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Tue Nov 9 09:28:44 MST 1999

Rob Riggs <rob at pangalactic.org> writes:
> Also, for things like my CDRW, it requires the ide-scsi module for writing,
> and reads audio CDs better with the standard ide-cdrom driver. Booting a
> new kernel just to write a CD would suck.

Hey, cool. I purchased a Mitsumi CDRW last friday, plugged it in, and
have gotten it to both mount data CDs and rip tracks from music CDs. I
decided to take the plunge and move to 2.2.13, but didn't bother to
check to see if I could build ide-scsi and ide-cdrom as modules (the
documentation makes a strong point of not having both at the same
time?).  On reading your message, (perfect timing!) I built both as
modules and it works like a charm, switching modules back and forth
causes no problems here.

My home directory and associated subdirectories are a complete mess,
and I need to spend a couple days to get organized. (I'd rather burn
something to CD in an organized state than sift through stuff later) I
purchased a pack of three Sony 1-4x CD-RW disks from CompUSA
yesterday, but does anyone recommend any particular place in Boulder
to get media, or a brand/kind of CDRs and CDRWs with a good price to
quality proportion?  How worried should I be about making coasters?


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