[lug] BLUG 99 CU Linux Installfest

David Outteridge dajo at privatei.com
Mon Nov 8 17:26:34 MST 1999

Do you multi-boot all of these on one machine?  If so which
boot-loader do you use please?

   I'll give you a list of what I have and I'll let BLUG decide what gets put on
   the machine.
   winNT workstation
   winNT Server
   winNT server Enterprise
   UnixWare (which I have never installed on this machine, or dual booted for
   that matter)
   Solaris7 ( doesn't seem to like this machine )
   Novell 3.x and 4.x ( but I've never figured out how to dual boot these)
   Older version of slackware
   older Linux Pro
   older Debian
   Really old version of TurboBSD

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